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Locksmiths have been around since time immemorial, however not in the forms you see today, of course. They have been consistently working with all the residents and owners since a few centuries to create the best source of security. Lately though, security isn’t merely about one lock and one key, so much has changed, and a simple locksmith just wouldn’t be able to do the job anymore. We need the best locksmiths out there who have got a considerable amount of experience, skills and extensive knowledge in the field. At Tacoma Locksmith Store we have the best locksmiths in Tacoma, WA. We hire them after stringent interviewing process, and provide them with regular training, and most importantly, equip them with the finest technology—all of this makes them the best locksmith in Tacoma. Looking for a locksmith near Tacoma, WA? Well, if you have got any form of lock and key issue, we assure you that you won’t find a better locksmith option than us. Don’t delay seeking help anymore, all you need to do is call us on 253-271-3434 and we will be there!    

About us

About ten years ago, we noticed that Tacoma just didn’t have the right locksmiths around. Sensing the absolute need for an affordable locksmith, at Tacoma Locksmith Store we decided to start the journey in a humble manner. We wanted to be the go-to locksmith for all, and with our simple equipment and skilled men, we began providing our services door-to-door as and when we were called. We grew from then on to be the most reliable locksmith in Tacoma, WA. Well, today we are known as not only the most reliable locksmithing company in Tacoma, but we have also come to be known as the most advanced locksmiths too! We provide our services within a few minutes after receiving our client’s call, and go to the spot where they need our help in our mobile locksmith van, and get working on the issue right away.

Why choose Tacoma Locksmith Store?

There are many reasons as to why we have risen to be above the others in the field, and here are a few of them:

24-hour professional services:

The truth is that no locksmith issue comes after sending a warning sign, nor does it come at certain points of time. Understanding this, Tacoma Locksmith Store had decided to provide its top-rated quality services 24/7 throughout the year. Lockout situations can arise at any point of time, and it needs immediate response, but if the professional locksmiths decide to work on a 9-5 shift, then how would that pan out? At Tacoma Locksmith Store, we would arrive where you need us with our mobile locksmith van and ensure that we deliver our services in the finest manner, no matter when you call us

We put you first:

Customer is the king may be an old cliché statement, but it is very true nevertheless. We always aim to provide the finest services in the most affordable costs you can find out there. All our locksmith services are in fact designed keeping in mind our client’s requirements, and we make sure that all the services are readily available too.   


Automotive locksmith services

Nothing is as scary as being locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere. Whether it be highway, or an empty parking lot, losing your car keys, locking the car keys inside the house, or facing a severe jammed lock situation is never pleasing. While it is natural for you to panic, you don’t have to do that. You can rest your heart for a while, and without hurting yourself or anything, just pick your phone and call Tacoma Locksmith Store, and we will be there where you need us within merely 15-20 minutes.  

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Spare key creation
  • Replacement or changing locks
  • Programming transponder car keys
  • Emergency car lockout assistance
  • Rekeying of vehicular locks
  • Broken car lock repair
  • Ignition repair, ignition key cutting and more
  • Unlocking car doors, trunks without property damage
  • Basic key cutting, high-security key creation
  • Maximizing vehicular safety with advanced locks

Residential locksmith services

What can secure your home better than those good old locks and keys? But you can’t always count on them to be in the perfect shape. Residential locks can always go cranky if they are not taken care of on a regular basis. You use your locks and keys every single day, they are exposed to the harsh weather conditions, yet they sustain for a fairly long period of time, but they might give up at any point of time. This is exactly why you need ensure that the locks are functioning finely, and if not, don’t delay even a minute before calling the expert locksmith near Tacoma, WA! We have been providing our residential locksmith services over the years, and it’s only to fair to say that we have learned the industry in and out.

Some of the services we offer:

  • 24/7 locksmith services
  • Installation of advanced locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Peephole installation
  • Key cutting services
  • Overnight emergency lock changes
  • Repair or change of locks
  • New entry doors installation
  • Assistance for residential lockouts
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Master key systems
  • Door repairs

Commercial locksmith services

If you are a business owner, then you surely know how important security and safety is to your firm. You can’t afford to lose a single penny, or imagine your crucial data leaking out of the company, which is why you need to ensure that you are working with the best locksmith in Tacoma to build that prime security. Commercial locking systems aren’t just like any other security system, which is why you can’t trust anyone but an expert with all the issues. Tacoma Locksmith Store has assisted with building top-notch security systems for business in and near Tacoma. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive locksmith near Tacoma, WA then call us on 253-271-3434!  

Here are some of the services we provide

  • Basic key cutting services
  • 24x7 office lockout assistance
  • Push bar, panic lock installation, and repair
  • Locks rekey
  • Restricted keyways
  • Keypad lock installation
  • High-security lock installation
  • Magnetic locks
  • Broken lock repair
  • Timely lock system updates and maintenance
  • Mobile locksmith services
  • Full-office lock replacement
  • Master key systems
  • File cabinet locks repair and installation

Emergency locksmith services

Imagine a day when you had been out and about in Tacoma. It had been a long and tiring and you can’t help but think of sprawling on your bed for a good night’s sleep, but just when you arrive at your doorstep, you realize that you don’t have your door keys. You have got two situations now: you can’t get inside your house, and certainly someone else could find your keys which can obviously cause jeopardy. You need to get your locks opened and changed right away, and how can you do that if your local locksmiths work only from 9-5? This is exactly why Tacoma Locksmith Store began to offer its emergency locksmith services in the most refined manner 24/7 throughout the year. You can call us whenever you need our services, and we will be there in 15-20 minutes as long as you are in or near Tacoma, WA.

Services that we offer:

  • 24/7 car/home/office lockout assistance
  • Safe opening
  • Post break-in assistance
  • Spare key making
  • All locks unlocking
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • Car unlock
  • Trunk unlocking
  • Emergency lock repairs
  • Overnight lock installation
  • Lock repairs
  • Want to hire a locksmith in Tacoma, WA? Call us now on 253-271-3434

If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith in Tacoma, WA area, then you’ve come to the right place! Call us today on 253-271-3434!

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